Lilla Cabot Perry (shown in this self portrait) was one of the most prolific and influential Impressionists in american history. She was highly respected in the artistic community, studied under Monet, and traveled the world, later blending Eastern artistic styles with her own. Her vocal praise for the Impressionist style and her success helped pave the way for other female painters of her time.

tumblr_nokshill5q1rrnekqo1_1280 129229919401066148_2b437406-29f0-4bec-9e0a-6f53727acc82_125110_338 art201201A42_01 Lilla_Cabot_Perry,_1911_-_Lady_in_an_Evening_Dress Lilla_Cabot_Perry,_In_a_Japanese_Garden,_1898-1901 display_image.php margaret-perry-with-a-bonnet